The Trenchcoat – Flash Fiction

What is flash fiction?

Flash fiction is the term for very short stories, under 2,000 words. Think of them as the slider platter of the fiction-writing world. They’re snack food for the brain.

What they don’t tell you about biometrics

I’m a firm believer in the first rule of biometrics: never use a part for identification you can’t do without. There are times when ‘lend a hand’ isn’t only a euphemism.

Mary Jane, gateway to the galaxy

When a malfunctioning gateway drive spits you out at the wrong end of a galaxy, where better to go for a gateway drug than British Columbia?

Dreaming of reality

Dreaming is what the conscious mind remembers when you travel between realities. There you go. The big secret, Guide for Dummies style.

Immortality doesn’t mean you’ll live forever…

The peaches of immortality ripen only once in every three thousand years. If you find and eat one, you’re guaranteed near-immortality. Not unnaturally, the business interests whom I represent would like the opportunity to acquire some.

I’ll take Death over the Tower

I’ll take Death over the Tower any day. I’m Maurice Ferland. I read the Tarot. I also listen to the dead (try and get a word in edgeways and you’ll see why I put it that way), know enough about herbs to sound convincing, and can draw really cool shit with coloured chalk.

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