The Here and the Now – it’s a wrap!

While there were definitely some highlights, 2017 was spiced with plenty of drama to keep that old proverb ‘May you live in interesting times’ in use. In places, I would even say it was sufficiently spiced that I felt as if I were about to start folding space and seeing the future.

Change – even positive change – invariably reminds me that the world is never going to stop and let me get my shit together. Bills still need paying, food still needs buying, and books don’t write themselves. That last is especially true when you’re also juggling a full-time day job, a couple of hours of commute, and trying to eat like an adult at least once per week (i.e. cook something). Creative genius, or what passes for it in my case, doesn’t pay for book production, never mind the bills.

Some of the drama: both my partner and I got new jobs. I did it intentionally, and moved within the company I was already working for to something new and awesome. My partner got caught in mass layoffs and ended up, in the space of ten short weeks, progressing from statements of how key building one’s LinkedIn presence is to a successful job hunt to announcing that we were going to have to move to China because it was the only possible option. Happily, another possible option provided itself the following week, and we’re both now gainfully employed – on the same continent, even.

Some of the highlights would definitely have to include finally managing to publish Elemental Conflict (I mention how much I love that cover recently?) and finally getting my bathroom renovated. My toilet now works and my ventilator has a Bluetooth speaker in it, both of which features make me ridiculously happy on a daily basis. (Never let it be said that small things can’t be fun.)

I’m also working (concurrently, let it never be said I have attention defi…hey, shiny!!) on the final edits for an urban fantasy novel, Death is for the Living, about a team of vampire hunters based on a yacht in the Caribbean; the rough edits for the fifth novel in the Cortii universe, which I’m hoping may also make it out the door in 2018; and I’m writing a new urban fantasy about a half-siren ‘acquisitions specialist’ with sociopathic tendencies who’s been tasked to acquire the peaches of immortality at their next ripening. No idea when that last is going to publish, but I’m having fun writing it.

I prefer to pat myself on the back for the stuff I did manage to get done, rather than make resolutions I’m almost certainly not going to keep for the coming year. Publishing a new book was good. Keeping the book review site I manage going despite losing a lot of reading time this year – also good. Finally getting some coherent work in on my mailing list – way overdue.

Basically, I’m claiming a win.

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