Release day!

There’s a question I like to ask other authors, and it’s ‘Would you live in the world you’ve created?’ A lot of people – more than I expected, if I’m honest – say ‘No way, José.’

Being contrary by nature, I absolutely would live in the world I’ve created. Admittedly, I might not live very long in it.

It’s finally release day for Elemental Conflict, and I’m a little bit mindblown. Exhausted, happy, and staring at a row of four books attached to my name, which feels distinctly surreal.

Writing is my daily dose of escapism, and my sci-fi world is where I go when I day-dream. it’s something I enjoy enough to still do after a long day in a stressful job and an hour or so stuck in commute hell. I may not work out, I may not stop long enough to cook healthily, but most days I’ll make at least some time to write.

So release day is always a moment of combined ‘Huh. Did I do that?’ and ‘Damn, it’s over…’ That latter sentiment is what always founders my good intentions to go and actually tell people that I released a new book – as soon as I switch on my computer, I get promptly shanghaied into starting the next book.

So, before I go and write more (yes, it already happened) of the next in the series…go and make a starving, exhausted author very happy and check out Elemental Conflict. It’s up on pretty much every major book e-tailer for your reading pleasure 😉

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