The news of the year to date: both Through the Hostage and Fighting Shadows made it through the initial cut to get into Round 2 of the UKNWC.

This is particularly awesome, not just because from 3,000 plus entries, they both made it into the 250 cut, but also because the UK Novel Writing Competition is entirely judged by the public. Round 1, they were judging the first 5,000 words of a book; round 2 is the first 35,000 words…and the last round, for the best of the best of the best, to quote ‘Men in Black’ is the entire novel – but only 25 books will get selected for that.

I doubt I’m going to get into round 3 (wasn’t, actually, expecting to get through round 1!), but I’m ecstatically chuffed that both my entries made it through the first round – Fingers crossed!

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