Do I have a writing playlist for the Cortii series?

… oh hell yes. My Muse works best with music, and can probably be visualised with her Dockers up on the table, a joint in one hand, and scars through her ink.

So what exactly is my top twenty when I’m writing? I’ve listed the current set below. It helps if you speak English, Spanish, German, Faroese, and Turkish, but it’s not obligatory. Good music is good music whether or not you understand all the lyrics.

  1. Jasmin TabatabaiLet Yourself go Wild
  2. EvanescenceLose Control
  3. RammsteinLinks 1 2 3
  4. Marilyn MansonRock is Dead
  5. OmniaTaranis Jupiter
  6. ClickhazeSkirvin Fla
  7. GentorturersGuns are Good
  8. Tambura RasaTurk Khavesi
  9. Calle 13Tango del Pecado
  10. DeftonesMy Own Summer
  11. RammsteinFeuer Frei
  12. EurhythmicsSweet Dreams are Made of These
  13. The CranberriesZombie
  14. KT TunstallBlack Horse and the Cherry Tree
  15. MinistryBad Blood
  16. RammsteinDu Hast
  17. OmniaCall Me Satan
  18. Lady Gaga – Poker Face
  19. EvanescenceLacrymosa
  20. Guns’n’RosesSympathy for the Devil

If you’re thinking at this point, ‘bloody hell, none of these are exactly ‘go gentle into that good night’ music‘ … well, you’re not wrong. There are a lot of crunchy-granola theories about how to bridge the gap between the creative sections of the brain and the rational, analytical sections. A lot of these theories involve pot and copious amounts of alcohol, but a lot also involve music. Not being a neuroscientist or a psychologist, I’m not going to attempt to pass serious comment, but I do find that music serves at least two useful functions when I’m writing.

First, I listen to it on massive sound-blocking headphones whenever possible, which block out distractions, Second, crunchy-granola theories apart, it helps me to focus and get in the ‘write’ mood. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

I do find the type of music varies depending on what I’m writing. The Cortii series leans pretty heavily on metal, rock, and pretty much anything else with a lot of rhythm. However, when I was writing an urban fantasy plot a couple of years back, I couldn’t get enough Dire Straits, Manu Chao, and oddly, enough, Irish folk music. My one and only vampire plot subsisted almost entirely on Manu Chao, so it varies depending on the genre and the characters. I know some authors who create playlists for each POV or character. I don’t feel the need, but I’m also inherently lazy. I find music genres for book genres and that seems to work pretty well for me.

So, enough about me and music … time to go and write.

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