5 stars, Amazon: “The world-building was out of this world (both literally and figuratively) and full of conflict and betrayal and suspicion and hostility.”

5 stars, Readers’ Favorite: “I loved it and can’t wait to read the second part in the series.”

5 stars, Amazon: I found it hard to get into this one but within fifty pages, I was hooked. The intricate machinations of the players and Khyria’s macabre dance with the fates was riveting.”

5 stars, Amazon:I have found this genre to be a bit hit and miss with recent reads but this one proved a genuine gem of a find.”

5 stars, Goodreads:This is my debut read of a Steel novel and it took some effort to sort things out. It was well worth the effort.”

5 stars, Goodreads: “…an exciting novel that benefits from great world building and truly well-crafted characters…”