Death is for the Living

If it were part of a series, that series would have to be named…Tropic of Vampire.

Death is for the Living

By day, Cristina Batista is a deck girl on a Caribbean charter yacht, with all the sun, smiles, and steel drum music that entails. By night, she and her crew hunt what preys in the dark: the powerful vampire clans of the New World.

However, Cristina’s past is hunting her – and when one of the team defects, it starts catching up. Without her partner, sometime lordling, sometime pirate, ex-vampire, Jean Vignaud, Cristina wouldn’t be dead. She’d be something she fears far more.

Cristina and Jean are experienced, motivated, and resourceful. One faction wants them despite it. The other wants them because of it.

Writing of Death is for the Living

Vampire hunters? On a freaking yacht? In the Tropics? Are you mad?

Well, probably yes on the last one. Never ask a question you don’t want the answer to.

So, why write something so clearly crazy?

I was in a boarding school in Yorkshire, and I was homesick for sun, sea, and the yacht I’d grown up on. Plus, I’d hit a wall on the Cortii series. My brain felt like a sponge left out to dry in the Sahara at high noon every time I opened the folder. In the absence of book to write, I was having to actually listen to my lessons, and my brain was in imminent danger of dribbling out of my ears.

So in the end I went and tried my hand at something totally new and different. Oddly enough, given how much time I’d spent beating my head on the wall that year with my other books, this one flowed from the pen. I’d discovered my future go-to remedy for writer’s block; go and write something else.

I even drew up deck plans of the Artemis, the yacht in the book. (Yes, yes, I was really bored, thank you kindly. I was in a unisex boarding school with brick walls and barbed wire on top of several of them.)

It kept me busy for months. It even kept me busy through summer holidays. And then I started in on the Cortii series with renewed enthusiasm, and Death is for the Living spent a couple of decades stashed in my ‘I should really do something about this’ pile.

More about Death is for the Living

Cruising for vampires

Sun, sails…and vampires. Incongruous trio of concepts. When I first floated (aha) the idea of a team of vampire hunters based on a yacht in the Caribbean, I frankly expected to get shot down in flames.

Death is for the Living: Prologue

Prologue Everything was dark, but this time, she was sure she was awake. There was a damp breeze on her cheek, and a soft surface under her. By contrast, her body was burning. The air smelled of earth and rot and wet leaves, and it was silent except for...