Beta reading Elemental Affinity

The beta edit for Elemental Affinity has been eating my life, sending my down plotholes of epic proportions, and making me doubt that I should ever have laid pen to paper since last November (read: when Fighting Shadows published). *Ahem. Dramatic pity party over.*

However, I’m ecstatic to report that it did make it out to my long-suffering beta read team at the end of April, placing it officially under a somebody else’s problem field for a few weeks.

I’m hoping to get back all sorts of criticism from the beta readers, which I’m hoping will in turn inspire me to get back into the guts of the manuscript and do that final edit to make it print-ready for later in summer. Beta readers are incredibly valuable to an author, because by the time you’ve spent months (years?) writing your masterpiece, editing it for continuity, plot, absence of waffle, and glaring typos … you’re basically MS-blind. You’ve stared at the darn thing for so long that your brain essentially fills in what it expects to see, not the mess that’s actually on the page.

Hence: beta reading. The beta readers have never seen the book before, have never seen me before, and will therefore notice all the artistic choices glaring errors areas where author brain prevented effective editing, not to mention get me to write the explanation for all the areas where someone does something that’s perfectly logical – provided you happen to have that snippet of backstory in your long-term memory.

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