Cover Art!

It’s here! …well, of course it’s here. You clicked on the book to get here.

Cover art is, for me, one of the major rewards after months spent pounding sand editing. If I’ve started flagging, if I’m at the stage of despair where I seem to have been staring at the same manuscript for at least a decade, and I’m certain the damn thing is not, and will never be, ready to publish…that’s when cover art gives me my much-needed second wind.

So I’m happy to say that I am now at that stage with Elemental Conflict. Joshua has provided his usual awesome artwork, and I have duly bored everyone who hasn’t run away fast enough with excited honking about said new cover art. Now it’s time to settle down, re-read the book (again) wince at all the bits I missed the first three times, fix them, rearrange words, hit Ctrl+Z a few hundred times, and possibly see if beta readers can still be trapped with a cunning arrangement of a dangling bottle of vodka and some strategic deadfalls. I mean, by asking nicely.

It’s remotely possible that this monster meisterwerke may even publish some time in autumn. As anyone who’s been bored enough to read my blog recently is aware, this year has been playing to the theme of an old Chinese curse, and may well continue to do so, especially if it’s using the lunar calendar.

“May you live in interesting times.”

I procrastinated for years – decades, if I’m being honest – about publishing any of these books. All the usual excuses: ‘Who would be interested?’ ‘I can’t afford an editor!’ ‘How do I even publish a book?’ ‘Where do I get cover art?’

It finally came to me that if the series sat on my hard drive until the end of time, or at least until the end of .doc files, no one was ever going to read them. If I published a few, someone might get a kick out of them. So I did. And I’m happy to say that some people have been kind enough to not only enjoy them, but write nice things about them online. No book will be everyone’s cup of tea, but frankly, I enjoy writing. Despite the whining about edits. If even one person reads the end product and enjoys it, I figure I’m coming out ahead.

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