Elemental Conflict

Independence: the price of survival

Elemental Conflict

Book 4 in the Cortii series! …or at least, it will be.

The Cortii are mercenaries, for hire to anyone who can afford their services. Every government uses them; no single government can destroy them.

After a decade in the Cortii, her independence is one of the few things mercenary commander Khyria Ilan still values, but when she finds herself caught in the coils of an alien prophecy, independence is only one of the stakes in the game.

Confronting the powerful mental adepts of the Elemental Order is a risk. Unfortunately, they’re the only ones with answers—and the only ones who may be able to give Khyria back control of her own mind.


Coming later in 2017!

More about Elemental Conflict

Elemental Conflict – cover art!

Cover Art! It's here! ...well, of course it's here. You clicked on the book to get here. Cover art is, for me, one of the major rewards after months spent pounding sand editing. If I've started flagging, if I'm at the stage of despair where I seem to have...

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‘The End’ smells good

The End smell The End. I'm so close to writing those words on the rough edit of Elemental Conflict that I'm pretty sure I can smell them. And dat smell is good. On the other hand, I ripped the guts out of the initial draft, added bits, changed bits, and...

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Elemental Conflict: Prologue

Prologue Nightmares meant you’d survived. It was one of the first things they taught, in basic training; so early that it was one of the very few memories she’d kept from the months before everything else had happened. Before the gaping hole in her memory, and before...

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