Elemental Conflict

Independence: the price of survival

Elemental Conflict

Independence: the price of survival

The Cortii are mercenaries, for hire to anyone who can afford their services. Every government uses them; no single government can destroy them.

After a decade in the Cortii, her independence is one of the few things mercenary commander Khyria Ilan still values, but when she finds herself caught in the coils of an alien prophecy, independence is only one of the stakes in the game.

Confronting the powerful mental adepts of the Elemental Order is a risk. Unfortunately, they’re the only ones with answers—and the only ones who may be able to give Khyria back control of her own mind.

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Writing of Elemental Conflict:

Elemental Conflict arose out of an edit, sometime in 2005. I was editing my original fourth in series manuscript, and a new storyline started writing itself and wouldn’t stop. It was like brushing away the dirt from a pebble in a field one day and discovering that what you’d actually got was the tip of Atlantean spaceship.

So I wrote it. It’s not as if I had much of a choice in the matter. Also, the bones of the book I uncovered under the dross I’d originally written was far better. It basically derailed the entire series arc I thought I had and headed it somewhere much more interesting. So I wrote it all down – and then I buried it for ten years or so.

I thought I had a really clean draft of Elemental Conflict; I wasn’t expecting to have to do that much work on it.

Hoo boy. I found out (the hard way) that I’d enjoyed writing it, it’s a pivotal piece in the series arc (oh yes), and I’d taken my plotline, and bolted on nostalgia, the bathtub from the guest bathroom, and a broken paddle from that time my great-aunt beached her whale.

So I took out a hacksaw and cleaned it up, had two of the secondary characters from Elemental Affinity stage a massive takeover (just as well they did, as it turned out), and then finally wrote ‘The End’ on that edit sometime in summer 2017.

I then went off to play with something completely different for a few months. When I came back to it, more than half-afraid that I’d excised all the good bits and added a lot of complete crap, and so I waded in, shovel and axe in hand. Turned out…I had the clean draft I thought I’d had back in January. There was very little that needed doing. I therefore blinked at it a bit, with the air of one who dodged a headshot, and set my release date.

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Elemental Conflict release day!

Release day!

There’s a question I like to ask other authors, and it’s ‘Would you live in the world you’ve created?’ A lot of people – more than I expected, if I’m honest – say ‘No way, JosĂ©.’

Being contrary by nature, I absolutely would live in the world I’ve created. Admittedly, I might not live very long in it.

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Elemental Conflict – cover art!

Cover Art! It's here! ...well, of course it's here. You clicked on the book to get here. Cover art is, for me, one of the major rewards after months spent pounding sand editing. If I've started flagging, if I'm at the stage of despair where I seem to have...

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‘The End’ smells good

The End smell The End. I'm so close to writing those words on the rough edit of Elemental Conflict that I'm pretty sure I can smell them. And dat smell is good. On the other hand, I ripped the guts out of the initial draft, added bits, changed bits, and...

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