Fighting Shadows

Survival has its costs

What readers are saying about Fighting Shadows:

5 stars:Khyria is the real star of these books. She’s endlessly fascinating, equal parts tough and vulnerable.’ Knockin’ Books Blog

5 stars: ‘…clear and powerful prose and with a narrative voice that is as hypnotic as it is enjoyable…’ Readers’ Favorite

5 stars: ‘…a great blending of scifi and thriller…’ Ana Meyer

5 stars: ‘Wow! Definitely worth the wait! I read the first book in this series a while back and have eagerly been awaiting the release of book 2.’

5 stars: ‘I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one. Khyria is a great character.’

5 stars: ‘In this sequel to “Through the Hostage” all the characters, and particularly Khyria, the commander of Wildcat Cortia, become obsessively fascinating.’

4 stars: Fighting Shadows keeps readers enthralled as unexpected surprises come to light again and again.’ 2017 ATAI Book Awards Contest

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Fighting Shadows

Survival has its costs

The Cortii are mercenaries, for hire to anyone who can afford their services. From their beginnings in humanoid pre-history, they have grown and colonised to span every galaxy. Every government uses them; no single government can destroy them.

To the Councils that rule the Cortii, eleven lives are easily replaced.

For the newest unit in their ranks, those eleven lives were half their number. To their commander, they’re a marker she has every intention of making good on, and while some of her unit’s wounds are less visible, it doesn’t mean they can’t be lethal.

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The intrigue- and action-packed sequel to Through the Hostage, Fighting Shadows follows the survivors of Wildcat Cortia as they come to terms with their dead, their new rank, and all of their commander’s influential enemies…and allies.

Writing of Fighting Shadows:

Fighting Shadows kept me busy when I was supposed to be taking notes in class right through my GCSE year. Writing is a fantastic hobby for a slow class; short of a teacher actually coming to look over your shoulder, writing a book looks exactly like a hard-working student.

It was also, as I discovered later, one of those books that writes itself very easily, but writes the third chapter as the epilogue and spends so much time focussing on individual pieces that what I ended up with was really a sci-fi kaleidoscope – bits and pieces, all of which I needed for later books, all of which, in and of themselves, were fine, but which in total failed to add up to an actual story arc.

I spent a number of years tweaking at it, re-writing bits, adding bits, deleting bits again, and generally tearing my hair out over it. It wasn’t actually until about 2012, many years after the original draft, when I had my ‘eureka’ moment…and realised that the storyline that would thread all those disparate pieces together had been right under my nose since day one.

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