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Average life expectancy: 23 Standard

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Cortiian Word of the Week: Derian

Derian is a very old Cortiian word, and it literally means ‘rider’. It’s also, in wider use, a generic title for any Cortiian, rather like ‘citizen’ in the Federated Planets Alliance.

Interview with a Cortiian

Interview with a Cortiian: meet a mercenary from another arm of the galaxy, answer some of your questions about Cortiians, the Cortii, and how much of the books is based on actual missions. (Not a whole lot.)

Cortia, pl. Cortii

Standard unit of twenty-five Cortiians, split into five cells of five.

Hejjin’in (Galatactic sector)

Spatial sector adjoining the FPA Sector. Monarchic, democratic. Official language: Kihali

Derian, pl. deriani

Rider; also any unranked Cortiian, or the common title used to address any Cortiian whose actual rank is unknown.


Cortiians use advanced full-input suits for training and recreation. They can be networked or isolated for solo use.

Y’nai si

Formal phrase of apology, Cortiian.

Madari itch

Byword for infectious disease, origin unknown.

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Character Interview: Irin Seviki

Meet Irin Seviki, a ranch master from the Central Worlds – if you’re enough of a non-conformist to admit to knowing Cortiians, you’d better be influential enough to survive it.

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