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People think vampires are creatures of the Old World.

But before modern borders divided the lands around it, the Caribbean Sea was better known as the Spanish Main.

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Death is for the Living launch!

Death is for the Living: a tale of vampire hunters and intrigue set on and around the Spanish Main…because in the Tropics, night comes early.

Character interview: Cristina Batista

Cristina Batista: I find that the facts remain the facts no matter your beliefs. It makes my job a little easier, in some ways. Vampires have a vested interest in human ignorance, so populated areas can provide good cover under the right circumstances.

Guadeloupe – en route to the South

Guadeloupe. It’s a convenient place to stop for sail repairs, as I found out – or, of course, for a fleeing team of vampire hunters to pause and stock up.

Character interview: Jean Vignaud

Jean Vignaud: Take-out is one of my favourite things of this century. If you are trying to put the Frenchman at his ease by asking about food, be assured: I am quite relaxed.

Background to Mama Gale

The inspiration for Mama Gale: Believe it or not, my godmother by courtesy was a lady named Cyralene Gale, and she ran the Bequia Bookshop until sometime in the early 1990s.

Cruising for vampires

Sun, sails…and vampires: incongruous trio of concepts. When I first floated (aha) the idea of vampire hunters based on a yacht in the Caribbean, I expected to get shot down in flames.

Who’d become a vampire hunter?

Vampire hunter. The ones who don’t stand by and do nothing. The crew of the Artemis are an eclectic bunch, but they have exactly one thing in common; they fight to save your ass from something you don’t even believe in.

Death is for the Living – excerpt

Death is for the Living – prologue
“Not yet,” the woman’s voice agreed, and her tone was darker, grimmer. “You think she has the strength for this fight, boy, or are we just saving trouble for later?”

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