Ancestry – I’m curious

Somewhere in either my nature or nurture, there’s an unhealthy dose of curiosity. I’m inclined to blame both, myself; I know for a fact that there are more baby photos of me and our family cat (the cat looked bigger than me for quite some time) than of me and my parents, so quite possibly curiosity rubbed off.

I tend to try new things, as long as they don’t involve too much peopling. I have a tattoo largely because so many people told me not to get one that I got curious. …well, I’ve heard worse reasons for getting one, including ‘What tattoo? I don’t remember getting a…oh.’

Now I’m curious about my ancestry.

I’ve been intermittently researching it for about six years (if I’m honest, researching it actively for about two years, paying fees and doing absolutely bugger-all with the information for the last four). While I sincerely doubt I’m going to turn up any (more) unknown relations, I am interested to see if an Ancestry DNA test will finally confirm or debunk a running family discussion as to whether or not my paternal grandfather’s wife was actually Peruvian, or an American / other colonial import.

Why now? The legislation around DNA test and protection from any negative consequences of having one is still patchwork, even in Canada, etc., etc. I could have held off.

Well, I’m doing it now partly because I got 40% off. There’s the Scots ancestry at play; I love finding a deal on something I wanted to get anyway. Also because given family examples, I doubt there are going to be any really nasty recessive surprises in there that would prevent me ever getting health insurance ever again.

And because I was standing in line in the supermarket last week, and an older gentleman came up behind me, and completely out of the blue, asked me if I spoke Spanish. I told him no, which is, I’m sorry to say, only partly true; I do speak it, I’m just really rusty and didn’t feel like making an ass of myself in the grocery line. He explained that he’d asked because I looked as if I might be South American, and as he did have a lovely Spanish accent, I suspect he was either South American or Spanish.

Joys of being an intuitive personality type; sometimes I do impulse-buy. Usually, once I have the shiny in my grabby paws, I figure out that my subconscious has actually been playing with the idea of said shiny for some time, and it was in fact either something I *really* wanted, or something thatI hadn’t figured out I needed, but which makes my life much easier or nicer once I have it. Often I’ve even done market research on it under the guise of boredom browsing.

This time the shiny is an Ancestry DNA test. I know about the English and the Scots; I’m a little curious to see what else there may be.

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