New job and lots of changes

Well, for them as follows this blog (all two of you ;)) you’ll have noticed that my posting’s been a bit sparse this past month. So here’s the scoop.

My previous day job was quite demanding and technical (not that this is entirely a bad thing, I get bored easily), but essentially until September 2018 I was trying to handle solo a workload that would generally have required two to three people (make that six if you’re in government). In September my team expanded to two people, which helped. However, unfortunately, March saw my team again reduced to just me, which, in short order, led to me looking for a new job.

There were a number of boring, office-politics style items that contributed, but also the fact that my stress levels have been hovering around the ‘get short of breath to the point where I’m seeing sparkles’ for the past year. To my irresponsible, Millennial mind, no pay cheque is worth that.

Mood swing chains

I found this on Rebel Circus/FB

I therefore began a job hunt, and was lucky enough, towards the end of March, to go from resume submission to job offer in under a week (no, I’m really not that good, although it’s vaguely possible my competition was that bad). I’m therefore starting a new job in the middle of April, and at the stage of swinging wildly between ‘awesome, new job!!’ and ‘OMG, new job!!’

The new job, similar to the old job, will focus on regulatory compliance, but will add some data security elements, which will be (yes, yes, thank you, I do know I sound masochistic) a really interesting new item to learn about.

The new company is also an established tech start-up, so I fully expect that regulatory compliance will offer some interesting new questions to research as we explore how to develop new services and offerings that are also compliant. I also have hopes that the workload may be calibrated to the ‘one industrious person’ level, rather than the ‘two to three peoples’ worth’.

Not being permanently on the edge of meltdown would be very nice. Who knows, I might even have a bit more energy after work to get the wurdz in order in a slightly more accelerated manner.

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