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Work in Progress

Caution: author at work. Anything you say or do may be written into the manuscript.

Unaltered (Cortii series #4.5)

I hate authors who bring out novellas in a series; it always feels like lack of commitment to me.

However, the gods like a good laugh, and so I found myself, mid-2018, with a snippet of a Cortii story in my head that would not STFU or develop into anything that was going to make a full-length story. So here I am, with about half a novella on my hands that looks and smells as if it fits in right after Elemental Conflict and before the upcoming #5.

I’m hoping to kick it out of the door in the next few months and get properly stuck into book #5 with no distractions.

To date, it’s bringing back Irin Seviki from Fighting Shadows, with family problems that reach all the way to the halls of power on Central Worlds, and a very close-up look at the old saying that blood is thicker than water.

  • Drafts 88% 88%
  • Substantive edit 0% 0%
  • Copy edit 0% 0%

The Instructor (Cortii series #5)

Anyone who starts humming ‘Mambo #5’ here is dead to me. But, yes, there is a fifth book in the Cortii series in the work in progress cauldron; it’s been largely sidelined until Death is for the Living  made its debut, but it’s coming.

Right now, it’s running under the working title of The Instructor. That may change through edits, so much tends to (me, a complete, unashamed pantser???), and the story is going to take us back to Corina Base, with all the cut-throat fun and pretzel politics that entails.

It’s largely written, give or take substantive edits, which can mean anything from a copy-edit to ‘let’s re-write a third of the book’. As you can see, it doesn’t yet have a cover; keep watching this space, sooner or later there will be a grand reveal.

Number 5 of how many? Don’t ask daft questions, I’ll tell you when the characters tell me.

  • Drafts 78% 78%
  • Substantive edit 0% 0%
  • Copy edit 0% 0%

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