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Work in Progress

Caution: author at work. Anything you say or do may be written into the manuscript.

Death is for the Living

Welp, I’m working on my very first urban fantasy. Currently, it’s a stand-alone. If I ever write a sequel, I’m going to have to name the series Tropic of Vampire.

I started edits in December 2017, worked on it pretty consistently through January and February, got completely derailed by my day job in March, migrated my websites in April, and finally got my rear in gear again in May 2018.

I wrote the very first draft of this one when I was about 17. I was homesick for the Caribbean, and for a long time I didn’t have any intention of publishing. I mean, vampires? Caribbean? Yachts? It wasn’t until I floated the idea in a writers’ group, and instead of the expected howls of laughter, got a few thoughtful ‘Hmmm, well, I’d tap that…’ comments that I started seriously considering publishing it.

Then I opened it up, and started editing, and realised that actually, I’ve bought worse. So, here goes.

  • Drafts 100% 100%
  • Substantive edit 100% 100%
  • Copy edit 100% 100%

Book release!








The Instructor (Cortii series #5)

Anyone who starts humming ‘Mambo #5’ here is dead to me. But, yes, there is a fifth book in the Cortii series in the work in progress cauldron; it’s largely sidelined until Death is for the Living  makes its debut, but it’s coming.

Right now, it’s running under the working title of The Instructor. That may change through edits, so much tends to (me, a complete, unashamed pantser???), and the story is going to take us back to Corina Base, with all the cut-throat fun and pretzel politics that entails.

It’s largely written, give or take substantive edits, which can mean anything from a copy-edit to ‘let’s re-write a third of the book’. As you can see, it doesn’t yet have a cover; keep watching this space, sooner or later there will be a grand reveal.

Number 5 of how many? Don’t ask daft questions, I’ll tell you when the characters tell me.

  • Drafts 78% 78%
  • Substantive edit 0% 0%
  • Copy edit 0% 0%

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