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You’re never too young to tell yourself stories. I started sometime around age five, and never managed to quit. These days, I actually write some of them down. I’ve been at it about twenty years now, and occasionally I win a few awards.

I write science-fiction and urban fantasy stories driven by their characters and set in worlds parked just a little off-kilter to this one. My characters are fighters, schemers, and survivors – I have a terrible weakness for intelligent anti-heroes. Given that, my browser history would almost certainly get me arrested.

When I’m not writing, I read a lot – I’m an unashamed dinosaur and prefer paperback, but I’ve recently started reading a lot more indie e-books. I also practice a variety of martial arts, which I class as book research if someone asks, and I hike and kayak around my home.

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I was born in Gibraltar. I didn’t stay there long: my parents lived on a yacht, and after I was born they headed out to sea and straight on until morning. Six months later, after my first Atlantic crossing, we ended up in the British Virgin Islands.

I was sent to boarding school in northern England when I was thirteen, which was a bit of a shock to my system after the Caribbean and southern Europe. My escape attempts weren’t terribly successful. I first tried to join the Royal Navy, and then went on read languages at Aberystwyth University when that plan didn’t come off. As I now live in Canada, I’m still not doing too well on the ‘warm’, but the scenery’s a huge improvement.

“Work is the curse of the drinking classes.” ~Oscar Wilde

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