Migration, eh?

Feel free to insert an image of geese creaking their way South – I know that’s what I think of when someone says ‘migration’ to me. Here and now, I’m talking website migration. You may have noticed both jcsteelauthor.com and byriteofword.com were down for a few days in May 2018.

They are now hosted on servers in Europe, and jcsteelauthor.com got a full update in the process. Hopefully it’s become more streamlined; I’m older, sadder, and much better-informed where it concerns the vagaries of WordPress now than I was more than two years ago when I put my¬†first author site together.

I also had a common author problem to solve. I’m branching out into urban fantasy alongside my sci-fi series, and I didn’t want to maintain two completely separate sites. From that came a lot of frantic concept planning, and finally, the idea of a homepage that was simply books, each one linking to a page that introduces the world of that particular book. I’ve also caved and put in a standard nav bar. Enough of this trying to be original shit.

Among the purely author-based reasons for a migration and update came the practical ones. I had GoDaddy hosting that wasn’t precisely cheap, and not at all easy to access. Getting into my website tools took a login plus navigating through an arcane GoDaddy subsystem, and then email access took another portal, another login, and two more pages to even view. Not to mention Outlook 365 has no mass-download option, and costs an arm and a leg. I swore at it every time I used it, and because it was so hard to get to, peoples’ mail languished in limbo for several weeks at a time.

What’s new?

I’m now with a relatively new hosting organisation in the UK called Jollyleaf; my website tools are all in one place, and they include webmail – which conveniently feeds into my email host on my desktop. I’m saving myself a ton of cash annually, and I can see everything without needing multiple passwords. Hopefully this means that email will at least get seen in a timely fashion, even if natural disorganisation kicks in immediately thereafter.

I hope that you like the new layout of the J C Steel author site. Areas are still being added, and in some cases content needs re-uploading (you will notice that the blogs are missing a lot of the old content, which will be reintroduced once I get my database to talk to me). Among those to be added pieces, I’ve received a request for an ‘Upcoming’ area, which will look at what I’m currently working on and what the plans are. I’m also looking into a spot where people can access the bits and pieces I give away for free – there are so many plug-ins that do this that I’m currently having a ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ problem.

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