No New Year’s resolutions?

Nope. Nary a one. I’m an irresponsible creature and I hate resolver’s regrets, so about this time in the year I pick a comfy patch of sofa and settle down with a cup of tea to gloat about all the awesome shit I did get done in the past year.

So, this year, feel free to bring-your-own teacup and settle down with me for an organised gloat-in.

2018 was pretty chaotic for me. In my day job, I changed bosses three times, got sent to the UK for a few days, my entire department moved offices, I got promoted, and now have someone reporting to me (or, as I could say, doubled the size of my team).

In terms of writing, I published my very first urban fantasy novel, Death is for the Living, on 26th December, and so far it’s attracted four- and five-star reviews, which I’m pretty happy about, as I’m primarily a sci-fi writer. I now have a row of five books in my shelf that have my name on the spine, which gives me a daily ego boost (not that my ego needs the boosting). I’m hoping to make that six by the end of 2019. With the above-mentioned day job, one book per year tends to be about my limit; there are just too many days when I crawl home and fall face-down in my sofa at the end of the day to reliably manage more than that.

I’m also happy that despite a day job that flattens me on a reliable basis, I managed to read 180 books in 2018, and 41 of them were for-review books (you can check out my top picks if you’re looking for reading matter…).

I got away on holiday this year, and spent two weeks in Iceland, riding very small horses across waterfalls and lava fields, driving around the west coast and into the Westfjords, and basking in mineral hot springs.

So, overall, while I wouldn’t mind 2019 being a bit less crazy, overall 2018 was a pretty good year.

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